Tips for Traveling with Kids

Tips for Traveling with Kids

1. Don't Overpack

Don't worry about packing every little thing as trying to preserve your home routine will be impossible anyways. Rockport also has a Walmart and HEB so if you forget anything you will be able to easily swing by and pick it up! The less stuff the easier it will be to carry and keep track of your things. Remember you will have to unpack and repack again when it's time to leave. 

2. Snacks!

Packing fun, healthy snack bags for the kids to eat in the car can help them stay on their regular meal schedule when you might not be able to stop for food. Bringing extra food in case they don't like what is on the menu at unfamiliar restaurants can also make mealtime more enjoyable. Don't forget to pack snacks for the grown ups too! Everyone gets hangry and it can keep you from having to make an unnecessary stops. 

3. Bring new toys or books 

Handing your kid a new book or toy on the car trip can help keep them entertained and take away some of the stress of traveling. They might be extra cranky on the trip back, so a new souvenir from one of the gift shops in downtown Rockport can help keep them in good spirits.

4. Travel journals or cameras 

For older kids, giving them a travel journal to document their trip can keep them entertained throughout the entire vacation! Have them write about what fish they catch or about what birds they see and let them read to you about their findings on the trip home. Also buying a small camera will encourage them to be more focused on the things around them and help them appreciate the beautiful sunsets and water views.

5. Schedule downtime 

Make sure you plan in times to rest throughout your vacation. This can be easily forgotten when you are trying to fit a bunch of activities into one weekend. It doesn't have to mean nap time, but even fishing on the end of the pier or laying out in the backyard can help restore some energy. 

6. Let older kids help plan

There are a lot of great activities for kids in Rockport, so ask your kids which ones they would like to do the most! Allowing them to take part in travel planning can make them feel more invested in the trip and give them things to look forward to.