Best Places to Fish with Insider Tips

Best Places to Fish with Insider Tips

Fishing tips come from Captain Brennen Nguyen with Texas Tails Outfitters. They offer bay fishing, offshore fishing, spear fishing, diving, scuba, and sunset trips. 

Here are a few of Captain Brennen’s tips:

  • The best fishing spot for redfish in the summer months is Estes Flats. 
  • Commonly caught fish during these hot summer months are trout and redfish. 
  • For bait he suggests using everything from cut bait to live croakers. 

**Book a guided fishing trip with Texas Tails Outfitters and stay at one of our homes with boat access to great fishing spots like Estes Flats. 

Fishermen and women from all around Texas make the drive to Rockport because of its incredible fishing. Surrounded by Copano Bay, Aransas Bay, and St Charles Bay, a shortage of fishing spots is not a concern for this small town. However, with so many options and only a weekend trip it can be difficult to decide which spots to prioritize and the best place to stay for house fishing. To help you decide, we put together a list of our favorite spots and why they’re great.

Aransas Bay

Aransas Bay is easily one of the best spots because of its accessibility and diversity of fishing options. This is the largest bay in Rockport and is filled with everything from redfish and trout to flounder and black drum. Aransas Bay features a large number of oyster reefs making it the perfect fishing conditions for a number of species. Launch your boat from the Rockport Beach Park ramp to the center of the bay, or launch right from the privacy of your very own boat ramp at one of Miss Kitty's Fishing Getaway's Aransas Bay front houses.

Copano Bay

Sprinkled with shallow oyster reefs, Copano Bay is another fantastic spot for catching redfish and trout. This is a great place to go out with a local fishing guide or to fish from a strategically lit pier at one of Miss Kitty's Copano Bay front houses.

Estes Flats

Estes Flats with its mud holes and grassy flats is the perfect spot for boats and kayaks and makes for great conditions for redfish. Get deep water access to the best of Estes Flats from these great water front homes. 

St. Charles Bay

This great fishing spot is an inlet of Aransas Bay and its sandy shorelines and tall grass make this the ideal habitat for redfish. Shell reefs equally attract fish and birds making this also a wonderful location for birding. The best place to launch your boat or kayak is from the Lamar Boat Ramp. Stay right across the street from the boat ramp at the St. Charles Bay Cottages.