Fishing and Boating Guide

The ultimate guide to fishing and boating for Rockport, Texas by Miss Kitty's Fishing Getaways!

Fishing and Boating Guide


Mom’s Bait Shop

They are closed for the Winter but will be back opened in March!
Located at the Rockport Harbor in Rockport, Texas. Mom’s serves up table shrimp, live croakers, and soft-shell crabs. Don and Mo Pham have kept this tiny bait hut all in the family and helped folks’ fish in Rockport for over 18 years with buckets of bait, hooks, and friendly advice.
    Location: 302 Navigation Circle, Rockport, TX 78382
    Phone: 361-729-0173

Sea-Gun Bait House

    Location: 5810 N. Hwy 35, Rockport, TX 78382
    Phone: 361-727-2220

Salty Dog Bait House

    Location: 510 Bigelow St, Aransas Pass
    Phone: 361-758-0612

Fulton Harbor Bait Stand

    Location: Fulton Harbor, Fulton
    Phone: 361-790-9709

Paradise Key Bair & Tackle

    Location: 164 Cove Harbor N, Rockport
    Phone: 361-557-1818

Capt. Cady’s 1 Bait Shop

    Location: 108 Huff St, Aransas Pass
    Phone: 361-688-3731

Capt. Bait Shack

    Location: 510 Bigelow St, Aransas Pass
    Phone: 361-758-0612

Fin And Feather Bait

    Location: 1803 TX-361, Aransas Pass
    Phone: 361-758-7414

Harbor City Bait

    Location: 526 Bigelow St, Aransas Pass
    Phone: 361-717-4511

Salty Dog II Bait House

    Location: 161 Cove Harbor North, Rockport, TX
    Phone: 361-729-8302


St. Charles Bay Ramp

A small paved 2 lane boat ramp, the St. Charles Bay Ramp on the Lamar Peninsula gives good access to all parts of St. Charles Bay. It is a popular launch spot for both power boats and kayaks.
    Number of Ramp Lanes: 2
    Location: 130 Lamar Beach Road - Lamar Peninsula Rockport, TX 78382

Goose Island State Park Ramp

The Goose Island State Park Boat Ramp is a well maintained concrete ramp with 2 lanes. It has a small concrete parking lot with straight in and out parking for about 12 vehicles and trailers. There is an admission fee to the park. Check the Goose Island State Park website for current charges. This is a very popular jumping off spot for fishing St. Charles Bay, Northern portions of Aransas Bay and Mesquite Bay.
    Number of Ramp Lanes: 2
    Location: 202 Palmetto St. Rockport, TX 78382

Sea Gun Marina Boat Ramp

Located on the Lamar Peninsula, the Sea Gun Marina Boat ramp is located right at the intersection of Aransas Bay and Copano Bay. This area took the full force of Hurricane Harvey, causing a shut down of the ramp. It is expected to reopen soon.
    Number of Ramp Lanes: 2
    Location: 5832 Highway 35 N Rockport, TX 78382

Copano Boat Ramp

The Copano Boat Ramp is located at the southern end of the Texas Hwy 35 causeway that crosses the bay between Rockport and Lamar. This ramp is very busy on the weekends because it gives some of the most protected access to Copano and St. Charles bays.
The concrete boat ramp is fairly new and in excellent condition with room to launch up to 4 boats at a time. Nice Concrete parking is shared with the adjacent Copano Fishing Pier. There are nice restroom facilities as well as a dedicated fish cleaning area.
    Number of Ramp Lanes: 4
    Location: 5701 HWY 35 N, Rockport

Fulton Harbor Boat Ramp

The Fulton Harbor Ramp is a small one lane ramp in Fulton. With its location facing east into the unprotected (except by the breakwater around it) heart of Aransas Bay's prevailing wind and waves and its limited parking, the ramp does not get a lot of use. Hurricane Harvey wiped out the bait stand next to it and significantly damaged the restaurant on the other side. Ramp may be blocked off until repairs are complete to the buildings.
    Number of Ramp Lanes: 1
    Location: 910 N Fulton Beach Rd. Rockport, TX 78382

Rockport Beach Park Ramp

The Rockport Beach Park Ramp is a well maintained two lane concrete ramp that offers good paved parking. It very protected from wind and waves making launch and recovery very easy. The downside of launching in the park is that the channel that exits to Aransas Bay faces southeast and takes the brunt of the prevailing winds and waves that makes getting to and from the ramp challenging. Number of Ramp Lanes: 2
    Location: 121 Seabreeze Dr. Rockport, TX 78382

Cove Harbor Boat Ramp N

The Cove Harbor North Boat Ramp offers multiple lanes and good traffic flow for launching boats with easy access to fishing areas around both Rockport and Aransas Pass. It is a popular jumping off spot for local guides because it is central to many great spots in both Aransas and Redfish bay. This is one of the busiest ramps in the area and generally when someone says they launch at Cove Harbor, the north ramp is what they are talking about.
Its location on the Intracoastal Waterway gives a protected run south to a large variety of protected fishing spots during windy days. On calmer days, a trip north and west provides all of the action of along the shores and cuts of San Jose Island.
    Number of Ramp Lanes: 2
    Location: 121 Cove Harbor N Rockport, TX 78382

Cove Harbor Boat Ramp S

Located at the western edge of Cove Harbor, the South boat ramp is the smaller and lighter used ramp in the complex. It gives all the benefits of quick access to Estes Flats, Redfish Bay and Aransas Bay as the North ramp. It just has less parking and a somewhat longer idle through the marina before reaching the Intracoastal Waterway.
    Number of Ramp Lanes: 2
    Location: 102 Cove Harbor S Rockport, TX 78382

Conn Brown Harbors Point Park Boat Ramp

The recently redeveloped boat ramp at Conn Brown Harbor's Point Park is a concrete 6 lane facility with a good grade for launching and paved parking. The ramps are well protected from prevailing winds and currents. Launching at Conn Brown Harbor put you in the middle of the Redfish Bay complex.
The new facilities include extensive paved parking and renovated boat ramps with floating docks along each ramp. At the east end of the parking lot, opposite the boat ramp is a fish cleaning facility which facilitates cleaning catches after retrieving the boat from the water.
There are several bait stands in Conn Harbor, including immediately adjacent to the boat ramps. If live bait is available in the area, there is a good chance that one of these will have it.
Point Park also offers a very nice lighted pier where the harbor, Aransas Channel, and the Intracoastal Waterway all intersect. A public restroom is also available across the parking lot from the pier.
    Number of Ramp Lanes: 6
    Location: 600 Bigelow St. Aransas Pass, TX 78336

Ransom Park and Boat Ramp

The Ransom Park Boat Ramp is maintained by the San Patricio Navigation District #1 and is located at the end of Ransom Rd. It is a well maintained facility within Ransom Park and offers a wide 2 lane concrete boat ramp with good loading dock and parking areas. The Ransom Park boat ramp provides very good access to the Intracoastal water way and Redfish Bay.
Short runs give excellent access to some of the best flats fishing in the area. The ramp gives good wind and current protection for loading and unloading boats and is a favorite on windy days to give easy access to fishing areas with good protection from the wind. Within in the park, there are public restrooms, a play area for children and a fishing pier and wildlife viewing area. A fish cleaning facility is a short drive up Ransom road at the San Patricio Navigation District Marina.
    Number of Ramp Lanes: 4
    Location: 500 Ransom Rd. Aransas Pass, TX 78336

Hampton's Landing Boat Ramp

The boat ramp at Hampton's Landing is part of the San Patricio County Navigation District complex on Ransom Road which also manages the marina and the Ransom Park boat ramp.
The ramp has an excellent fish cleaning station next to it.
    Number of Ramp Lanes: 2
    Location: 430 Ransom Rd. Aransas Pass, TX 78336


South Bay Marina & Bait

South Bay Marina is conveniently located between Aransas Pass and Port Aransas, Texas 3 miles before the ferry by water at Marker 9. They sell live and dead bait (many varieties for bay and offshore fishing), sodas, beer, ice, tackle and fresh table shrimp (seasonal). They also offer kayak rentals, as they are located right on the water. Call for more information.
    Location: 1950 East Hwy 361, Aransas Pass, TX 78336
    Phone: 361-758-6900


Tackle Town

Your One-Stop Outdoor Sports Store! Rockport Tackle Town is bigger and better than ever! Our staff has over 100 years of combined experience in the outdoor sports industry. You will find everything you need: hunting and fishing licenses, fishing tackle, boating and marine supplies, clothing and accessories, guns and ammo, retriever dog training gear and more... Open 7 days a week.
    Location: 3010 Hwy 35 North, Rockport, TX 78382
    Phone: 361-729-1841

Seaworthy Marine Supply

We offer every product for your boating, kayaking, and fishing needs. We also offer supplies for pleasure yachts, and government boats, including safety, plumbing, maintenance, repairs, electronics, engine parts, trailer supplies and much more. We have gear for bay fishing, offshore fishing and fly fishing, as well as the clothing, shoes and wading gear that go with it. Stop by and see us when you come into town. We have qualified personnel to help you find the best gear, fishing holes, and the hottest lures and flies.
    Location:102 South Fulton Beach Road, Fulton, TX 78358
    Toll Free: 1-866-811-4095


This Walmart Supercenter has a wide variety of fishing and boating supplies as well as groceries, pharmacy, and IBC bank. Location: 2401 Hwy 35 North, Rockport, TX 78382
    Phone: 361-729-9277


TC Charters

Captain Coufal will always work hard to ensure that your outing will be a memorable one. He can accommodate all styles of fishing ranging from: wading with artificial lures, drifting with live bait, or anchoring up to ambush schooling redfish. Captain Coufal began his fishing career fishing East and West bays in Matagorda Texas. This is where he had the opportunity to study fishing patterns throughout the years and hone his skills. He then had the opportunity to fish Rockport Texas and was instantly attracted to the vast bay systems that the area had to offer. The unique variety ranging from the deep shell reefs of San Antonio bay, the abundance of back lakes, to the always fish-able grass bottom of Estes flats, made for an easy decision to make Rockport his home. Rockport definitely provides the best opportunity for consistent fishing year-round than anywhere else on the Texas coast.
    Phone: (361) 729-3884

Barnard's Guide Service

Capt. Tommy Barnard is a saltwater fishing guide in Rockport, Texas, located on the Texas Gulf Coast, about halfway between Houston and the U.S. Mexico border. Capt. Tommy was born and raised in Rockport and has been a fishing guide for 23 years. Rockport is a popular spot for family vacations and provides endless recreational opportunities, most notably bay flats fishing. Barnard`s Guide Service gives you personalized fishing charters and will customize your trip to meet your expectations. We offer stationary, drift, and wade fishing using either artificial lures or live bait. Families with children are always welcome and corporate trips are also available. We also offer an adventurous trip of Rockport Flounder Gigging at night. Come and quietly cruise along the saltwater marshlands with Capt. Tommy at night and enjoy the company of your friends and family and gig some Rockport Flounder.
Phone: (361) 510-6655

The Saltwater Cowboy

Deep Sea Fishing, Bay Fishing, Overnight Fishing, Flats Fishing, Fly Fishing and Duck Hunting! WE HAVE REDUCED BAY FISHING & TRAINING TRIP RATES TO DO OUR SHARE FOR THE ECONOMY & OUR CUSTOMERS!
    Phone: 361.563.TUNA(8862)cell

Johan's Fishing Guide Service

Imagine spending your fishing vacation stress and worry free. You don`t have to wonder where to fish, how to catch fish or worry if you have the appropriate equipment. Why not let a professional take care of that part. With 10 years of experience and a Bachelor`s Degree in Marine Ecology, I will provide you with the knowledge and experience you need for a successful fishing trip. I am an expert of all types and styles of fishing. Regardless of age, or experience, I am fully prepared for all types of clientele. If you are looking to relax and have a good time fishing without the stress, worry and work, feel free to contact me.
    Phone: 361-386-0073 or 210-825-3727

P2 Outfitters

Whether its bay fishing, flounder gigging, offshore fishing or hunting we have you covered! P2 Outfitters is the ultimate sportsman`s paradise. P2 outfitters specializes in fishing the Rockport and Aransas Pass area for trout, redfish, black drum and flounder.
    Phone: 361-463-6198 or 361-834-3553

Hooks 2 Horns Inc.

Miss Kitty`s premier fishing guide and guide for Babes on the Bay! Captain Tel has been fishing the waters around Rockport, Texas, for well over 15 years. He has intimate knowledge of the area`s waterways and uses a variety of techniques to get his clients on the fish. In fact, he will go above and beyond to ensure that his customers are having a good time, both during the trip and before and after it. This dedicated service is what makes people use his services time and again.
    Phone: (830) 313-8113 or (830) 719-0842

Texas Tails Outfitters

Texas Tails Outfitters offers everything from bay fishing to offshore fishing trips. They also do spear fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and more.
    Phone: 361-463-6077

Captain Matt's Fishing & Hunting

Captain Matt Stennett is a Rockport TX native who has fished these water with his father his whole life. He loves nothing more than taking out on the bays and shallow flats and being a part of memories that last a lifetime.
    Phone: 361-232-0739



All women`s fishing tournament run by the CCA Texas Aransas Bay Chapter.
    Location: Rockport, Texas


The tournament raises money for the CenterPoint Energy`s Don D. Jordan Scholarship Fund, which provides scholarships to children of active and retired employees who maintain an academic record of good standing and show a strong commitment to community involvement.
    Location: Rockport, Texas


    Location: ARANSAS PASS, TX


Offshore Adventures

Experience the Thrill of Catching "Really Big" Fish!
    Phone: 361-758-6900
    Toll Free: 800-567-5132

Deep Sea Headquarters

Captain Kelly`s Deep Sea Headquarters; "U Hook Em, We Cook Em", that`s our motto. After your fishing trip, let the professionals prepare your catch. We will cook it up just the way you like it, while you spend your time relaxing on our deck. "There nothing better than your own fresh caught fish."
    Location: 416 W Cotter Ave, Port Aransas, TX 78373 (Next to Ferry Landing)
    Phone: (361) 749-5597
    Toll Free: 800-705-FISH (3474)

Dolphin Dock Inc. Deep Sea Fishing Trips

We offer a variety of fishing trips to suit all ages. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Dolphin Dock Inc. can plan the perfect fishing adventure for you and your group or family. Location: 300 W. Cotter Ave Port Aransas, Texas 78373
    Phone: (361) 749-4188
    Toll Free: 1-800-EYE-FISH

Neptune’s Charters prev. Woody's Last Stand/ Dolphin Watch Nature Tours

"Sportsmen`s Headquarters for 50 Years" Specializing in Bay and Offshore Fishing
    Location: 136 West Cotter Street, Port Aransas, TX 78373
    Phone: (361) 749-5252

Fisherman's Wharf

At Fisherman`s Wharf, our deep sea fishing schedule is based on the seasonal migrations and availability of various species of fish in the Gulf of Mexico. We offer half and full day drift fishing trips aboard the Wharf Cat for king mackerel, ling, dolphin, bonito, shark, etc., from mid-May through Labor Day. Year round, the Scat Cat, equipped with "electric tackle" makes 12 hour and special extended trips to far offshore banks (coral and rock formations) for red snapper, grouper, amber jack and other highly prized bottom fish. Location: 900 Tarpon Street, Port Aransas, TX 78373
    Phone: (361) 749-5760
    Toll Free: 1-800-605-5448



Handy, printable guides with license information, bag and length limits on fish, and some basic fishing basics.


Everything you need to know about getting a Texas fishing license including who needs one, where you don`t need one, age limits, prices, out-of-state license, and license packages. Just click the link for information.


Fulton Harbor

    Location: Located in downtown Fulton, TX
    Phone: 361-729-6661

Rockport Harbor

    Location: Located in downtown Rockport, TX
    Phone: 361-729-6661


The Get It Done Girl

The Get It Done Girl specializes in customizing your vacation experience whether it is having a fun relaxing day on the beach to more adventurous activities on the water. We want you to have the best possible experience which begins with the equipment. And what better way to enjoy the equipment we provide than having it delivered directly to you anywhere in our service area.
    Phone: 361-557-4434


Goose Island Fishing Pier

1,620-foot long fishing pier with a fish cleaning stand. You do not need a fishing license to fish at a Texas State Park. Location: Goose Island State Park, Lamar

Fulton Fishing Pier

    Location: Fulton Harbor, Fulton

Rockport Pier

    Location: Rockport Harbor, Rockport