Flounder Fishing and Oyster Season

Flounder Fishing and Oyster Season

When’s the best time of year to catch flounder? 

Flounder season is huge in Rockport with the best months being between October and December. (fishery closed: November 1 - December 14th) normal bag limit is 5.

Where can I catch flounder? 

Flounder can be found buried at the bottom of shallow flats, and the best time to catch them is at night with a bright fishing light. 

Flounder gigging:

The best places to go flounder gigging are sandbars or oyster reefs. Book with one of our local fishing guides and prepare to leave around sunset where they will take you to the best flounder gigging spots.

Flounder fishing with rig: 

Another great place for flounder fishing is from the piers or docks of one of our many waterfront homes. The best bait to use is live shrimp, mullet, pinfish, and croakers. If you’re using lures then Berkley Gulp!s, MirrOlure's Lil Johns, and Corkey Lures are great choices. You can find all these lures at our local tackle shop Tackle Town. 

Flounder Fishing Techniques: 

Pop a Cork: Use a live shrimp under a popping cork. 

Don’t hop bait along the bottom, use small twitches instead. 

Oyster Season: 

Oyster season is Monday–Saturday November 1 through April 30, sunrise to 3:30 p.m., coast wide. Watch the boats come in at Fulton Harbor every evening from around 4 to 5 pm then head down to one of our local seafood restaurants for some fresh oysters!